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Paper and Research Field

Our main theme for this 2017 conference is “Towards the Future of Sustainable Energy in Developing Worlds”. This forum provides a platform for academicians, researchers and scientists as well as professionals around the world to exchange ideas in the context of sustainable energy development in particular, for the case of developing countries. With regards to that, we would like to invite you all to submit your abstract and paper of your project and research related to the following themes:

  • Renewable Energy Investment
  • Innovative and Green Energy Technologies
  • Energy Regulation and Environmental Policy
  • Eradication of Energy Poverty
  • Oil and Gas Development for Sustainable Future
  • Electricity and Energy Storage
  • Energy Market Security
  • Dynamics and Geopolitics of Energy Transition
  • Energy Forecast and Modelling

Our conference is looking for a very broad coverage of sustainable energy issues and energy system in general; therefore we will not strictly limit our delegate’s input to certain set of themes as listed above. If you have any idea that you feel might not directly pertain to any of provided themes, please kindly email us at with your explanations prior to its submission. We will be very happy to hear from you and address any challenges you might encounter in the submission of your ideas.  

Guidelines for Submission

Before submitting your abstracts and papers, make sure that you have pre-registered yourself through the following link. For the case of abstract and paper with more than one author, pre-registration is only required for the first/selected author to conduct the submission. After finishing your pre-registration, you will receive an application code by an email from us. Please be sure that you provide your valid and frequently-checked email address in the pre-registration form. Keep in mind that you have to include your application code for any correspondence inside the conference, including for abstract and paper submission.

Abstract Submission

The deadline for abstract submission is September 11, 2017. Click here for abstract template.

Email your abstract (in word format) to and cc to with subject format: Abstract Submission – (Abstract Title) – (Name(s) of the Author)

You will then hear the acceptance/rejection decision on your abstract within 10-14 days after the submission. The acceptance decision will be emailed to you together with further guidelines to complete and submit your full paper. Given a very limited time, we highly advise you to send us your abstract in advance of the full paper submission deadline.

Note: Earlier submission that includes a full paper is preferred. Please make sure that if you have your full paper ready for submission, do send it to us right away so that we can assess both your abstract and full paper in tandem.  

Full Paper Submission

The deadline for submitting your full paper is on November 10, 2017. Send us your full paper to and cc to with subject: Full Paper Submission – (Paper Title) – (Name(s) of Author)

Full paper should contain between 4000 to 5000 words (excluding abstracts, footnotes, tables, figures and references) and shall not exceed 20 pages in length. Regulation for full paper:

  • Font, Space and Margin: Times New Roman font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, margin 1 inch on all sides.
  • Tables and figures: Times New Roman font size 11, single line spacing. 
  • Footnotes: Times New Roman font size 10, single line spacing
  • Titles: Written in English or Bahasa Indonesia, Times New Roman font size 14, Font Bold, 1.5 line spacing.
  • The full paper shall contain (i) the full name(s) of the author(s) without any title or degree, (ii) name of department or institutional affiliation, (iii) email address(es) of the author(s).
  • All submissions should be written in English or Bahasa Indonesia
  • Reference list: APA Style

Important Dates

Below is the summarized list of important dates for the abstract and paper submission:

Abstract Submission Deadline                    : September 11, 2017

Abstract Receipt                                               : within 10-14 days after your abstract submission

Full Paper Submission Deadline                 : November 10, 2017

After the full paper submission, the presenter is also obliged to present to the committee with a final confirmation attendance for the conference by November 15, 2017. Make sure you finalize the travel funding as well as visa requirement (if needed) prior to the confirmation date. For potential presenters, please keep in mind that the committee will be pleased to provide you with advice and necessary details to help ensure your attendance in the conference. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us with any of your concerns.  

Our Journals and Proceedings

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